The Forty Book Challenge form can be found in this folder.     If your child loses his/her form, feel free to print another one.  We plan to celebrate at the end of the year with all students who meet or exceed this challenge.

Beginning first quarter, students will be required to read, annotate, and write a one-half page to one full page summary or answer questions about a text two times per month.   On the weeks that AotW (article of the week) is assigned, I will send home a text on Monday night.  During the week, students must read the text, annotate the text, and write a one-half page reflection/summary about the text or answer questions about the text.  The annotated text and  reflection/summary or questions will be due on Friday of each week that the AotW (article of the week) is assigned.  I will model AotW in the classroom prior to asking students to do this assignment for homework.

Guidelines for AotW (Article of the Week):  1) text must be annotated, 2) reflection/summary can be typed or handwritten neatly, 3) students should always write a rough draft of their reflection/summary first and then ask an adult to proofread their writing and 4) questions about the AotW must be answered in complete sentences.

The materials in this folder should answer most questions about the Article of the Week assignment.